Granular ton bag packing machine

Granular ton bag packing machine is a large-scale weighing and packaging equipment for packaging materials in tons of bags. It is a multifunctional packaging machine integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag removal and dust removal. It has the advantages of high automation, high packaging precision, adjustable packaging speed and superior structure. The hydraulic lifting system is particularly easy for handling ton bag packaging, and is very convenient for the subsequent process.

Structural principle

The dct1000-fk3 granular bag packer machine adopts gravity type self flowing feeding structure, lifting net weight weighing and high precision sensor metering structure. The feeding speed is divided into large and medium-sized two speed feeding. After the bag is loaded, the packaging machine automatically completes the lifting, weighing, descending, bag loosening, unhooking, etc.

This type of packing machine can automatically drop down (adjustable times) in the middle of packing in order to prevent the packing bag from loading the rated materials normally when packing materials, and cooperate with the vibration mechanism to vibrate the materials and then automatically lift them to continue to complete the packaging (the vibration time can be adjusted). It is suitable for large bag packaging of bulk materials such as block materials, sheet materials, plastic particles, chemical fiber particles, fine chemicals, etc.

Product features:

According to the characteristics of powder, particles and other materials and the requirements of different manufacturers, it is customized;

According to different materials, the equipment selects different feeding forms (such as direct current, auger, vibration, belt) for feeding. The equipment has stable performance, high packaging accuracy and fast speed;

Programmable electronic control system, reliable control process;

The equipment has dust-proof design to reduce dust pollution in working environment;

The weighing system is an electronic scale platform type measurement, which adopts full panel digital adjustment and parameter setting, and has the functions of weight measurement cumulative display, automatic peeling, automatic zero calibration, automatic drop correction, etc.

The instrument is equipped with communication interface, which is convenient for online networking, real-time monitoring and network management of packaging machine;

The unit includes pneumatic hook clamping system, inflation return mechanism, feed metering control mechanism, hydraulic lifting mechanism, electrical control, etc

Scope of application:

Mineral, plastic, chemical, building materials, grain, feed industries for packaging materials tons.

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