Automatic vertical plastic bag sealing machine

This series of sealing machine adopts electronic constant temperature control and stepless speed regulation transmission system. It has the functions of automatic continuous sealing, printing product label and completing at one time, and can be used horizontally and vertically. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, seed, chemical, light industry and other departments.

Product profile:

  1. This product is suitable for packaging and export of native animal products, ammunition storage of military industry departments, preservation of cultural relics, scientific research departments, food, daily chemical industry, factory stores, retail departments and service industries. It is an ideal sealing equipment for sealing plastic composite film bags.
  2. No matter big bag, small bag, long bag and short bag, continuous linear sealing can be carried out and satisfactory results are obtained.
  3. It is suitable for the sealing and packaging of plastic bags. It adopts electronic constant temperature control and stepless speed regulation to seal plastic films of various materials. It can be equipped with indentation printing device. The new microcomputer control system is also equipped with counting function

Technical parameters:

Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz

Power: 600W

Weight: 47kg

Sealing width: 6-15mm

Temperature control degree: 0-300 ℃

Sealing speed: 0-13m / min

Printing number: 30pcs

Conveying capacity: 5kg

Outer package size: 1030 * 450 * 390mm

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