Predrawn winding Film packaging machine

Predrawn winding Film packaging machine, stretch film/wrap film for packaging materials, applied to the tray/pallet packaging, wrapping method is used to pack all kinds of regular or irregular goods, using stretch film retracted and self-adhesive and tray bound into a whole, the goods have the effect of fixed, so the goods won’t package materil and collapse phenomenon, the goods can also play a role dust, moistureproof, prevent breakage.

Suitable for rapid transportation or storage of large quantities, bundling of cartons, bottled goods or large goods. At the same time, it reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. It is the ideal equipment for modern enterprise product packaging.

Widely used in the export of foreign trade, furniture, electronic and electrical products, food and beverage, printing and papermaking, bottle making, glass, ceramics, handicrafts, semi-finished products turnover and exhibition goods/machinery transfer and other industries. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation and reliable use

Main Features:
The whole machine motor, wire, chain and other dangerous devices are all built in. To ensure the safety of operators.
New 360 arc column design, simple and generous appearance.
PLC programmable control, winding program optional.
Optional multi-function man-machine interface touch screen display system, real-time display of equipment running status.
Germany Pepfar photoelectric switch self-dynamic measurement of cargo height.
The number of winding layers, running speed and film tensioning degree can be adjusted arbitrarily, making it easy to operate.
Independent variable frequency control pre-drawing automatic film feeding system, free adjustment of tension.
The number of winding turns at the top and bottom is controlled separately, 1-3 turns are freely adjusted.
Automatic, manual switchable, almost no daily maintenance

Applicable Scope:
When it comes to the winding machine, presumably have been in contact with the packaging industry are not strange. The winding machine is suitable for packing bulk goods and bulk products transported in containers. The application of winding machine is also relatively extensive, often used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, paper, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverage, building materials and other industries. The use of winding machine for product packaging has the obvious characteristics of dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-wear and so on, save time and effort and worry.

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