Food vacuum packaging machine is a high-density vacuum packaging, the main purpose of doing so is to remove the oxygen in the packaging bags, is conducive to prevent food in the long-term transportation of oxidation reaction, resulting in food deterioration, mildew, etc.

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Working principle of real food packaging machine:

  1. Put the packed items under the heating rod and put the air outlet into the food bag.
  2. The food bags will be delivered to the sponge strip by the transport belt, and will not be transported at that time.
  3. Under the action of the cylinder, the sponge strip will press down the food bag opening, and the opening will start to draw air (with the drawing time).
  4. Recede the air outlet at the specified time, press, heat and seal the heating rod.
    5, into the export cooling, can be finished.

Food vacuum packaging machine is mainly applicable to:
Meat, aquatic food, agricultural products, pickled products, fast food, powder, spices, drugs, after vacuum packaging, can effectively play moisture-proof, mildew, rust, pollution, fresh, quality, oxidation, and vacuum sterilization, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation.
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Food automatic vacuum packaging machine product features

  1. Quickly vacuum, seal and cut the food preservation bag, especially suitable for food preservation and storage.
  2. The newly designed electronic control panel can be independently controlled for three functions: vacuum extraction, sealing and cutting, and the sealing time can be set according to the size and thickness of the film bag to achieve the best effect.
  3. Food packaging can be made.
  4. Streamlined appearance, fashionable and beautiful.

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